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Why you should choose Jan de Jong's Martial Arts?

Instructors at Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness are acclaimed for their high level of technical knowledge and teaching ability. Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness commenced teaching at colleges and schools in Perth over 40 years ago.

All classes are conducted in a positive, friendly atmosphere of cooperation, not competition. All students are encouraged to support and help each other, ensuring an enjoyable and fruitful learning experience.

Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness has taught self defence in Perth since 1952. All instructors are students of, and have graded in, Jan de Jong Martial Arts, and have many years of experience up to more than 40 years. Our aim is to equip students to go about their daily life with quiet confidence knowing that they have efficient skills to protect themselves should the need arise.

About Jan de Jong

Established in 1952, Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness has gone through some changes. From humble beginnings in the Perth suburbs the School moved into a fulltime city dojo in 1960, then a 4-dojo building in 1963.

After 40 years at 996 Hay St. we relocated to one of Perth's most prestigious buildings "the Atrium", where we are today. Over time the School has been supported by the dedication and high quality of instructors who contribute to the growth of the School and supported also by the families and individuals who attend. Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness is the benchmark in technique and fulltime professional teaching.

The founder of the School, Jan de Jong Shihan was born in Indonesia and from the age of 5 trained in Ju Jutsu under two Japanese instructors, the Saito brothers

Just prior to the Second World War he travelled to Holland to further his education (as was the custom in those days). As the war broke out Jan de Jong was caught in the turmoil of history.

He fought with the Dutch underground throughout the war against the German forces, experiencing unbelievable hardship as many did during that time. The experience of war and in particular the bitter cold and continuous hunger made him determined not to stay or return to Europe. It was not until 1980 that Jan de Jong returned to Europe where his quality and precision became legend. He found that European Ju Jutsu was very often judo based and that the true combatant style was not as evident.

Early on in his travels he was recognised as a Master of the Art and this mastery, mixed with his compassion and willingness to teach, helped make many friends and contacts for tours that continued for two decades. He was accompanied by his wife, Margaret or daughter, Maggie on his trips, along with his other instructors.

In April 2003, after a life time of devotion to his art, Jan de Jong passed away with his family by his side. Three weeks prior to his passing Jan de Jong handed his School on to his daughter Maggie de Jong, supported by long-term senior instructor Paul Connolly and her mother Margaret.

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