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Aikido ('way of harmony') is an unarmed method of self defence founded in Japan in 1942 by Morihei Ueshiba and is based on the principle of harmony and non-resistance to one's attacker. The attacker's force or momentum is not stopped. This would use power and energy to achieve. Instead this force is continued under your control, thereby unbalancing the attacker and gaining the upper hand. Inherent in the word Aikido is "Ki". It is a term often referred to by Martial Artists and is the Japanese equivalent of "Chi" in China or "Prana" in India. In Western cultures we could use the phrase "focused mental thought" or an extension of our thought process. It is present in all things and is also called "life force". Balance, leverage, skill and practice, together with 'ki' are used instead of purely physical strength and power. When understood this explains why you do not have to be stronger than your opponent to achieve mastery.


Aikido combines practical self defence movements taken from Ju Jutsu, sword and spear fighting, Aikijutsu and other forms of martial arts with an emphasis on harmonising with the attacker's force. Aikido has proved extremely popular because of its highly ethical and moral nature as it is essentially a non-violent self defence system.

While it has been referred to as a softer martial art and the gentlemen's fighting art, make no mistake, Aikido is an effective form of self defence. Jan de Jong studied Yoseikan Aikido in Japan under Mochizuki Sensei, who was a live-in student of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikido at Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness places an emphasis on the smooth, flowing and circular movements that is typical of Aikido with a very dynamic and practical application. We do not limit ourselves to the downward strike and hand grips, as is found in some practices, but recognise the need to offer solutions against the more common attacks such as punches, kicks and weapons. We are proud to offer a balance that recognises measured and reasonable responses to any given situation.

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