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Ju Jutsu

Ju Jutsu is the ancient Japanese art of self defence used by the Samurai in feudal Japan. Ju Jutsu is a comprehensive system of self defence which can be described as an unarmed self defence system that can be applied against armed or unarmed assailants. The range of techniques are vast and the combinations and variations endless.

Ju Jutsu formed the basis for Aikido, Judo and some styles of Karate. Because of its efficiency and effectiveness Ju Jutsu has proved to be equally applicable for the modern warriors of the S.A.S. as well as for women and children. The style of Ju Jutsu taught at Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness is based on Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Ju Jutsu whose origins can be traced back to 14th century Japan.

Ju Jutsu

Jan de Jong throughout his life continued to improve and develop his Ju Jutsu syllabus significantly and developed a practical system that is adapted to our modern environment. This now stands the School in a unique position of maintaining technical excellence.

You can expect to gain skills that will enable you to deal with any number of situations. Exploring the principle of using your opponent's force to work in your favour you can develop your skill to a level that will allow you to work in a reflex manner. Controlling and locking techniques along with evasion, throwing and striking defences form part of the syllabus of our School. Defending yourself in the standing position, on the ground, against the wall or against multiple attackers and different weapons are all part of the Ju Jutsu system.

Older adults often ask if they can participate. In fact the only restriction we place on students is if they are too young to concentrate. Everyone is assessed on their individual abilities and no one is competing with anyone else.

We provide classes specifically for children and, as is the case with all of our classes, the techniques taught and demonstrated are commensurate with the level and understanding of the class.

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