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Membership, Series & Packages

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Series is a purchase method for a set number of classes to be used within a certain time frame. This includes School Term options for children and secondary students. These can be purchased on their own or in conjunction with a Membership or Package

Memberships include a range of discounts and benefits. There are 3 different levels:

Platinum Membership

Unlimited classes, free training, 10% discount on uniforms, 10% discount on private lessons, 20% discount on courses, use of training weights, additional 5% discount on private lesson packages.

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Gold Membership

2 or 3 classes per week, free training, 10% discount on uniforms, 5% discount on private lessons, 10% discount on courses

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Silver Membership

1 class per week, free training, 5% discount on uniforms

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Are available to students in their first month of joining, combinations of uniforms, classes, private lessons are discounted to get you started!

Memeberships & Packages


For further information please contact us.

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P: (08) 9321 8685

F: (08) 9321 6419

Opening hours
Monday to Friday:
12 noon until late,
Saturday: 9am – 1pm.