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Corporate Training

Corporate Self Defence & Personal Safety Seminars

Our Corporate Training offers in house or at our premises training ranging from “one off” delivered safety talks to “hands on” full participation short or ongoing courses.

Your choice might be to simply provide staff with recreational training time with a difference, or with an emphasis on team building, or building greater self awareness or group awareness to specific industry needs.Employees can be assisted in their ability to identify and risk manage a potentially dangerous situation.

Courses are designed with the corporate world in mind, addressing the employer’s duty of care responsibilities and concerns, providing all those who attend these courses with tangible tools and knowledge that will sit alongside other life skills such as the ability to provide first aid, water
safety etc.

All of our Instructors have international experience and the majority have been teaching for between 15-30 years. Our approach ensures the following:

  • Effective conflict management
  • An open constructive atmosphere encouraging maximum participationwithout intimidating the participants.
  • Provision of self empowerment and safety for all involved.
  • Ability to control and restrain without doing harm.
  • Non-discrimination of age, sex, size or athletic aptitude.


We are experienced at tailoring courses to suit individual requirements for specific situations and varying length of course duration.


Memberships are purchased online or in the dojo as either pre-paid or subscription options. There are separate memberships for adults, students, and children.