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Our Experience

Our Experience

Jan de Jong studied and was graded in martial arts under highly reputable masters in Indonesia, Japan and Europe and had unique practical experience. He instructed martial arts for over 55 years and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) by the Australian Government in recognition of his services to the Martial Arts.

From 1982 until 2000 Jan de Jong, accompanied by one or several of his Instructors, conducted seminars each year in many European Countries and frequently in all mainland Australian states.

“Jan de Jong is a member of the worldwide elite of great Martial Arts Masters, to whom mere words can not do justice in describing.” Shihan Roland Moroteaux, European Sobukai Takeda Ryu, Avignon, France.


Owner / Instructor

Principal of the School, took over this role in 2003 three weeks prior to the passing of her father Jan de Jong. Maggie, like her father, started training at the age of five and steadily worked her way through the system. A wealth of experience was gained from accompanying her father on the majority of his teaching trips to Europe. On trips to Europe these days she is recognised at a consummate teacher and is respected as a leading instructor on the world stage.



Holds dan grades in Jan de Jong Ju Jutsu and Shorinji Kempo. He is the Senior Instructor of Melville branch and has trained with Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness since 1979. Cook Sensei has accompanied Jan de Jong Shihan on his European teaching tours. In addition to his training in Australia Daryl lived and trained in Japan which broadened his experience and gave him an insight into Japanese culture. Cook Sensei brings a dynamic teaching style to all his classes, along with a balanced and genuine personal interest in the students.



6th dan Ju Jutsu and 3rd dan Aikido is the Senior Instructor of the School. He became a student of Jan de Jong in 1964 and commenced instructing in 1975. Paul has assisted Jan de Jong on his tours of Europe and Australia on a number of occasions and is a holder of the highest grade Jan de Jong awarded.

de Jong Sensei and Connolly Sensei both have continuing offers to teach in Europe and intend meeting this commitment to Martial Arts that was started by Jan de Jong Shihan. Each year since 1984 teams of students and instructors have traveled to Perth to train at Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness.


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