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Personal Training

Personal Training
One on One

Personal Training Lessons are a way of improving on particular areas to meet your needs. We can address job or martial arts specific needs.

Personal Training Lessons can assist you with:

  • Fast tracking your training.
  • Improving on areas of difficulties.
  • Giving you basic introduction before group class training.
  • Addressing concerns and assisting in overcoming fears.
  • Concentrated training for people with time limitations.
  • Lessons at a time that suits you.


Personal Training Lessons will develop a greater feeling of self confidence and basic expertise before entering a group class. Students may take the option to have Personal Training Lessons at anytime particularly leading up to a grading.

Please take the time to look at our ‘Starter Packages’. These packages offer significant discounts to members in their first month of joining.

Families, friends, partners and groups can share the cost of Personal Training Lessons and enjoy these special training sessions.

If you have a specific interest in weapon training these can also be taught in Personal Training sessions to individuals or groups.

Male and female instructors are available for Personal Training. You do not need to be attending group classes to have Personal Training Lessons.


Memberships are purchased online or in the dojo as either pre-paid or subscription options. There are separate memberships for adults, students, and children.