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Security Training


The senior instructor of Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness, Paul Connolly, has worked with the Security Industry since 1982 and is able to offer solutions from a practical, experienced perspective.

It is our policy to actively demonstrate measured responses to the diverse situations that can arise as a Crowd Controller, Static Guard or as part of a Government or Non Government body ensuring that safety and duty of care requirements are met.

Our experience will assist you with the development of sound strategies and procedures to best manage a potentially high risk task or venue. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver this information in a balance and friendly manner.

We have taught groups such as the WA Rail Guards, event staff at the Entertainment Centre, and many individuals and groups to help improve the safety of their jobs.


Memberships are purchased online or in the dojo as either pre-paid or subscription options. There are separate memberships for adults, students, and children.