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Self Protection

Self Protection
For Men & Women

“Self defence is a basic life skill, which unfortunately many people will need at sometime in their life.”
Inherent in the Self Protection Course for Men & Women is the aim to enhance the way you feel about yourself giving you more confidence, a broader outlook and an added perception to the world
you live in.

Everyone has the right to feel free to do want they want within certain boundaries, without feeling constrained by the fear of violence. Learning self defence and taking sensible precautions enables you to more freely exercise that right.

Over the 6 weeks we will seek to:

  • Heighten your awareness to the possible dangers that you or your family may encounter.
  • Give you the opportunity to discuss and explore options for responses to threatening situations.
  • Convince you of your right to respond to actual or threatened violence and other situations in order to achieve a positive and safe outcome.


A number of techniques and strategies will be demonstrated that can be easily learnt and mastered in a short time, and used against a wide variety of situations. At the end of each session you will be able to look positively at what you can do to exercise your rights and to protect yourself, your family and your friends if the need ever arises.

The course will also cover methods in avoiding and/or diffusing potentially difficult situations; and, wherever possible, to provide alternatives to fighting. This course is specifically designed to help you by looking outside of your busy world. Ideal for individuals and couples!

Classes and courses can be conducted for individuals and groups on our premises or at your work place. Just give us a call and discuss the possibilities.


Memberships are purchased online or in the dojo as either pre-paid or subscription options. There are separate memberships for adults, students, and children.