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Sword Training

Sword Training

Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness offer specific Iai and Kenjutsu Training (Sword). Classes will address basic sword handling and kata taken from within the Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness programs.

There is a direct relationship between the armed and the unarmed self-defence arts and these unique techniques will be explained and demonstrated during the course of the classes.

Sword work is part of the syllabus of Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness and is examined within the existing syllabus of Aikido and Ju Jutsu.

Some students however prefer to train only in sword training classes or personal training lessons of ‘one on one’. This method of training is exciting and develops superb timing skills. This skill, as well as the controlled and resolute attitude that is required with Sword work, transfers perfectly to the other styles of Martial Arts we teach.

Personal training lessons can be taken in Sword Training for groups or individuals.


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